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Great Orators of the Democrat Party

This started as a document with the above title that was sent to me by a friend. I liked the idea so well that I have greatly expanded it.

I have divided the quotes into Old Critical Thinking Democrats, Today’s Primitive and Social Thinking Democrats, Historic Honorary Democrat and a parting shot from an old […]

Leftists Keep Pushing the False Wealth and Income Inequality Propaganda

24 Mar 2011

Don Dickinson

Recently a fellow, but decidedly left-leaning, retired Colonel of Infantry who I have known for over three decades sent me a 22 Mar 2011 New York Times opinion piece by Professor Michael I. Norton on the title issues of, “Rising Wealth Inequality: Should We Care?” And, “Why do Americans seem […]

Clearing Up the Mass Confusion About the Political Spectrum

Conservatives often confess to being totally dumfounded by leftist ideas or behavior, whether it concerns a specific event or the whole body of their thoughts and deeds. I too have found leftists perplexing and figuring them out has been a difficult task. Fortunately, I have had more success in fathoming leftist thought and behavior than […]