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Have Leftists no Decency?

4 Apr 2011

Don Dickinson

The entire purpose of all leftist ideologies and actions is to gain power over others. This fixed focus on saying and doing what is most advantageous to gaining and maintaining power leaves truth as a low priority consideration. Truth is of very little importance to leftists. The problem with that part of the leftist value system is that truth has an inherent value and persistence that invariably causes embarrassment and eventual failure to leftists and their causes throughout history.

To make my point, I will compare Joseph McCarthy to Barack Obama. McCarthy was corrupted by power and eventually brought down by conservatives. Obama has been similarly corrupted but his fellow leftists just keep cheering him on.

McCarthy was a Republican U.S. Senator from Wisconsin who in the early 1950s held a series of hearings on Communist infiltration of American institutions. He gained great power through the hearings and as they proceeded became corrupted by the power they accorded him. He began to make not very well founded threats, accusations, and insinuations. Many people feared him because they were in fact Communists or sympathizers and others feared him even though they were not Communists because even a false accusation could be ruinous.

In a case that would lead to his loss of power, McCarthy in a televised hearing went after a young man that his superior, Joseph Welch, felt was not deserving of public rebuke and he famously said to McCarthy, “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?” The statement was seen on the (then new) television and widely reported in the press. It sparked a growing public rejection of what had come to be called McCarthyism and its alleged excesses.

The Republican President Eisenhower and other Republicans had been some of the first to try to reign in McCarthy. They encouraged the Army and Welch, the Army’s head counsel, to go after McCarthy. Those leaders and McCarthy’s Republican constituents cared a great deal about truth and decency. Though McCarthy had been right about most of the people he accused of being Communists, and documents that became public after the fall of the Soviet Union proved him so, his conservative seniors, peers, and constituents would not stand for even minor indecent use of power.

Obama got elected largely on the strength of his total rejection of all important elements of the Bush foreign policy. He said he would get out of Iraq, finish Afghanistan quickly, close Gitmo, try the terrorists in civilian courts, and cause foreigners to admire America again. In fact, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue. He greatly increased the volume and deadliness of drone attacks in Pakistan. He opened a war against Libya without consulting Congress, will not close Gitmo, and now has ordered trials of the Gitmo terrorists by military tribunals. Foreigners now burn him in effigy alongside the American flag.

Leftists routinely characterized the Bush foreign policies as stupid and reprehensible to the point of openly comparing him to a chimpanzee and Hitler. Now that Obama has maintained or expanded every Bush war-related foreign policy, where are their similar criticisms of Obama? Leftists, have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

Sadly the answer is clearly that they have no decency. They care nothing about the fact that their leader has adopted or extended all the policies they considered sub-human and grotesquely immoral in his predecessor. The reason is simple, they regard power as the highest ideal that can be aspired to and truth is only valued by them as it happens to support their quest for power. To leftists, truths that do not support their power agenda are despised and must be ignored, corrupted, or denied at all costs.

So now you know why it is a fool’s errand to seek a rational explanation of leftist statements and behavior. For those concerned only with power, truth and rationality are not an option. It is impossible for power-hungry deniers of truth to have any decency or shame.

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